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        FOR LADIES



        Guangdong Yizini underwear co., ltd. was founded in 1985, located in Yanbu, Guangdong, China, where is the birthplace of Chinese underwear culture. It is one of the first domestic underwear manufacturer in Yanbu. The factory covers 38,000 square meters, providing a beautiful working and living environment for all employees. Since its establishment, YIZHINI Underwear Co., Ltd. has received high praise from all walks of life, with the purpose of "quality first, customer first and good reputation", it provides customers with professional, high-quality and efficient services, win the trust and support from numerous customers. Besides, numerous store was opened in a short time around all cities of china, let its product sells well in China, Hong Kong, Macao and overseas. The strengths of YIZHINI Underwear Co., Ltd. are gathered a large numbers of outstanding designers, and high-quality management teams, constantly update equipment, introduce the most advanced automatic equipment and AGMS grading, layout, pattern making system in Japan , Using French and Japanese noble Leaver lace, French fashionable embroidered water-soluble printing fabric, Korean colored velvet fabric, etc., which can fully highlighting the fashionable elements of personality and fashion.

        Sync with The trend

        leading the fashion, although women are charm.

        依之妮 蜕变美丽

        依之妮内衣有限公司在内衣设计、生产方面紧跟时尚步伐,竭诚满足消费者的时尚要求,在雄厚的实力支撑下多次荣获国内外相关奖项,足以与国际品牌媲美。 依之妮内衣有限公司一直以来都坚韧而自信地面对内衣业的机遇与挑战,永不言弃地为跻身内衣著名品牌行列而奋斗。在前行的路上,真诚地希望能与您携手共创辉煌。

        In accordance with the Nepalese underwear Co., Ltd. in the underwear design, production closely follow the pace of fashion and dedication to meet the fashion requirements of consumers in the strong strength of the support several times at home and abroad related to awards, enough to match with international brands. In accordance with the Nepalese underwear Co., Ltd. has been tough and confident to face the opportunities and challenges of underwear industry, never give up the ranks among the famous brand of underwear struggle. In the way forward, and sincerely hope to work with you to create brilliant.